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It is Friday the 4th of August of the year 2000. A big blue Boeing 747 of Royal Dutch KLM touches down on the runway at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The passengers start to clap, as they are relieved that their plane just landed. Local time is slightly after 6 o’clock in the morning.

Adric Walter in Rotterdam | Skyline of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Adric Walter in Rotterdam | Skyline of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

I hear the jet engines still running in the background. One can clearly feel a sense of excitement in the air. This touch-down has suddenly put 9000km between me and my family. 

This all happened exactly 20 years ago at exactly 18 years and 5 months old. In my pockets a small budget of just only 700 Dutch Guilders in my pocket. Nowadays this equates to approximately EUR 325.

DO NOT STOP. Just continue to read on.

I have also heard these words many times in my mind. So I invite you now to continue reading. So, “Do not stop”. Three defining words in the past 20 years of my life. I did not stop and this is the main reason why I am standing right here in this picture.

Because I have experienced great things. But I’ve also experienced some less positive things. Important things, impressive things, incredible things. For example: Discrimination is not only a thing from the movies! One day something happens that really shocks me. When I try to get into a team with other students one fellow student bluntly tells me: “We cannot work together with you, because you are not of the same color as us. We expect this to impact our results. Put together your own team.”

And again I hear the powerful words in my mind: DO NOT STOP. I grow resiliency and continue doing the project all on my own. And with success! Because I get a higher mark than the other team refusing me to join them.

It immediately makes me realize we can be the change of evil.The concept of discrimination is not just a theoretical one. But we are able to stop it. The comments of my fellow students made it very clear that there was a real difference.

At least in their world view. Yet I learn that I should be the best, the greatest and use all my power to persist to go against wrong things.

Adric Walter in Rotterdam | Skyline of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Adric Walter in Rotterdam | Skyline of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Despite the difficulties in the beginning, I experience wonderful years. I enjoy being a student and I build many beautiful relationships with people. I finish my degree in Computer Science with great success and I work for very prestigious IT consultancy firms.

I get the opportunity to be on high profile projects so I can build all kinds of digital platforms and new digital banks for big firms and the Dutch Government. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to work using state-of-the-art technologies and work with the brightest minds in my industry. 

If you have made it so far. THEN GREAT. Because I’ve saved the best, for until now!When you don’t stop, you will get rewarded.

It’s no secret I’m always super passionate about my island Curaçao, which I will always call home. But in a new world one can have many homes. We are living in modern times so it’s required to redefine old concepts. One of them is that you can have multiple homes in this world.

Behind me you see the skyline of my hometown Rotterdam. It’s a great city in The Netherlands. With an impressive skyline. I will never tell you to nevermind or forget Amsterdam, because it’s a great place too.

 But this time I say to take a closer look at Rotterdam. It’s a progressive and modern city. Which stands for all great things one can imagine. We are blessed with a great life here. People have a down to earth, no nonsense and a ‘push on through’ mentality.

Here you see me. Still a young man. With a fierce look into my eyes. A fierce look to protect the less fortunate.A posture to fight injustice and to create opportunities for everyone ready to contribute to this world.

That’s why I’ve decided to write my story in a book. The story is called:


This book will be launched in a few weeks. I will tell you more in a few days. The reason I wrote a book is not just because I wanted to write a book. I wrote my story in a book to all the people who doubt their dreams. That doesn’t take a chance to realize their life’s mission. This must stop.

I have written down my most powerful strategies to continue. To make you unstoppable. Really unstoppable! Because there is a system behind being unstoppable. To make you become a badass. Just like I am. Yes I can be a badass, a trouble maker when mediocrity might define the quality of life of others.

I hate to play in a lesser league. The universe has gifted us ALL with many and great talents. Yet what I’ve discovered is when you compromise on the greatness you have and can be: You create a weak life. I don’t want you to have a weak life. I want you to have a great and impressively beautiful life. Just like the skyline of Rotterdam.

So it’s important to have a sharp focus and endless persistency. Be an extremely badass!

But at the same time spread the love. Don’t be hard on the people you love. Just be always hard on the challenges. Do not stop. Do not compromise when things are bad. Just be the best.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Adric T.L. Walter, born and raised on the paradise island of Curaçao. An island with blue, clear aquamarine waters and tropical breezes blowing through beautiful, green palm trees and a capital with colorful buildings in the South Caribbean.

Adric Walter | AdricWalter.COM
Adric Walter | AdricWalter.COM

We have an endless supply of sunshine to fuel your heart with endless happiness. This is the source of my passion. My passion to change the world. To use technology to make people’s lives better. I have an effective European mindset but a warm and passionate Caribbean heart. This helped me understand that it is perfectly possible to live a life full of passion but maintain strict self-discipline as well.

This creates a power to change things. This is the beginning of my brand-new life.

I am AGAIN just 20 years and 5 months old. Still young. And still capable of being a badass. An extremely bad one. Not on people, but on things that are stopping these people to reach their potentials, like poverty, discrimniation and no access to education or opportunities.

I want to touch people, change their lives in a positive way, let them feel magic during their interaction with me. I want to INSPIRE YOU to do the same and give you a sense of being important while igniting sparkles and twinkles in your eyes.

Adric Walter in Rotterdam | Skyline of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Adric Walter in Rotterdam | Skyline of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

I humbly thank everyone that contributed so far to my great life. With special thanks filled with love to both my parents to always support me unconditionally. I thank my mentors, coaches and my whole family and friends. I’ve many.

Then one important promise I will make. You are free to hold me accountable for it. I will always be a badass against all the wrong things in the world. This will create a huge responsibility but it will also give one an immense power.

And for this, to hold such power.
I promise to only use my power, to empower others!

Adric Walter

To you, in all languages I can say it:

Thank you 🇬🇧🇺🇸 – Masha danki 🇨🇼🇦🇼 – Dank je wel 🇳🇱🇧🇪 – Muchas Gracias 🇪🇸🇵🇦🇻🇪 -Dankeschön 🇩🇪🇦🇹 – Спасибо большое 🇷🇺

Adric T.L. Walter ❤️🙏

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