TECH.CW is a dynamic social enterprise dedicated to promote innovation and community development in Curaçao.

Our mission is the adoption of technology in the island to improve the quality of life.

Curaçao Tech Meetups stands as Curaçao’s leading innovation event inspiring a technological and entrepreneurial future for the island.

The September 2023 edition featured a week of engaging talks by island leaders on topics like leadership, entrepreneurship, AI, innovation, aviation, and science motivating audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Buildup Marathon is a transformative initiative that establishes critical digital infrastructures for Curaçao.

Our goal is to forge strong partnerships, break barriers with discipline and achieve consistent results led by skilled facilitators supported by industry leaders.

This ensures lasting and transformative technological advancements elevating the island as an exceptional hub for both residence and business.

Women in Tech is a platform celebrating and supporting women in Curaçao facilitating opportunities for resource access and overall growth.

WomenPreneurship guides and encourages tech entrepreneurs providing guidance and mentorship for business success.

Mompreneurs provides tailored support for mothers offering resources and community guidance for their unique journeys.

Business Villa Sessions is an exclusive hub for C-level executives, directors, and change-makers that offers powerful networking and distinctive insights.

Through knowledge exchange with tech leaders and global communities share innovative strategies in AI and professional development.

Renowned as Curaçao’s leading networking event it provides extensive opportunities for entrepreneurs and tech innovators.

Kids Tech Days features activities designed to spark children and teenagers interest in technology and science.

These events encourage youth to embrace new trends and inventions emphasizing the importance of play and imagination.

As the future of Curaçao and the world inspiring new generations to think creatively stimulates their growth as leaders and visionaries.

Deep Tech revolutionizes Curaçao’s tech industry by exposing extensive scientific research and development.

It integrates AI, programming, robotics, cloud computing, and algorithms to tackle complex issues and drive significant progress in various fields.

Implementing Deep Tech can drive economic growth and potentially solve regional challenges through pioneering technological solutions.

Happy hours provides a vibrant platform to share insights and cultivate meaningful connections.

These gatherings bring dynamic discussions among industry professionals and enthusiasts promoting idea exchange and networking.

It’s an opportunity to build relationships and pave the way for future collaborations in an informal setting.