Creating an outstanding Curaçao Tech Economy in the Dutch Caribbean

I am a strong and true believer of having a Big and Positive impact on your environment. Otherwise? With which purpose do you wake up in the morning?
I’ve got the opportunity and have been privileged to explain my vision in an interview with (probably) Curaçao’s most authoritive (and maybe oldest?) local newspaper AMIGOE. Well not the oldest because it’s in the AMIGOE EXPRESS, which is the Next Level Generation of new innovative media.

I do believe we can create a permanent impact by giving eveyrone in Curaçao and the Caribbean a leveraged advantage because Technology makes it possible for eveyrone to realize their dreams. We can become a Frontrunner in this as a nation – by Empowering everyone using State of the Art Technology. My mission is to empower everyone to scale up this thing to the biggest.

Adric Walter
Curaçao | Dutch Caribbean

Adric Walter in Amigoe Express
Adric Walter in Amigoe Express