Getting started with your Cloud Architecture in Microsoft Azure has never been so easy.

Might you ever run into difficulties or if you are puzzled in how to architect a solution in the cloud know that a gold mine exsist in how to start architecting your next architecture in the cloud.

Simply because Microsoft Azure has extensive resources in how to setup your cloud architectures for whatever cloud component and solution. These resources can be found at the Azure Architecture Center – which contain extensive documentation, code examples and best practices. In addition to this there are also Anti-Patterns described so you can avoid ‘bad’ solutions upfront.

Many areas are being covered like how to setup an architecture for your next Artificial Intelligence architecture for a Hotel ChatBot, an E-Commerce font end on Azure but also the ‘straightforward’ topics like in how to setup a Web Application in multiple regions.

These resources are definitely your great rocket fuel for your next endeavour in the Microsoft Azure Cloud architecture styles.