What is Curaçao Tech Meetups?

Curaçao Tech Meetups, is Curacao’s leading technology event for everyone. This is a technology driven but still a human-centric, event. The mission is to build a durable and sustainable tech and digital ecosystem of the future.

Founded in 2018

Founded by Adric Walter in the summer of 2018. This is by now the Curaçao leading technology conference built on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). We cover at least 9 of the 17 goals.
The intention is to continue growing both in Curaçao and outside of Curaçao.

Beyond ‘just another’ conference

Even though we started as a conference, we have grown into a platform to help everyone to realize their potential by using both technology and innovation. We have a small but powerful club of people lobbying to get technology, digitalization and innovation on the agenda of the Curaçao government. On top we support our communities and we work closely with the local companies on the island..

Curaçao Tech Meetups | Official Logo
Curaçao Tech Meetups | Official Logo

Join this conference

Come visit Curaçao Tech Meetups. We do organize both online conferences and offline physical events.
It’s also possible to join our team or you can sign up as a speaker, facilitator or a volunteer.