Azure Cloud Specialist (Azure Architect and Engineer)

My name is Adric Walter and I am an experienced Microsoft Azure Cloud Architect and Microsoft Cloud Engineer with hands-on expertise in Azure Cloud Engineering and leading complex development areas. Highly specialized in systems integration, migration, lift and shifts and greenfield projects within Microsoft Azure. My focus centers on long-term strategy business program rollouts and stakeholder management in integration projects. The approach I use in complex projects is always Agile through a DevSecOps way so together with my team we can create stable and reliable workloads in Microsoft Azure.

Directing significant organizational transitions to higher levels
With a high ability to execute, I stand as an expert in the design and implementation of mission-critical systems within the Azure Cloud.

Proven track record in the industry
With a robust background in diverse financial (FinTech) and government projects, I specialize in applying principles like ‘infrastructure as code.’ Additionally, I bring extensive experience with native PAAS and SAAS components in Azure.

Drive on doing the significant things
My drive is in successfully steering complex projects as an Azure Cloud engineer, Azure Cloud Architect, and technical product owner, executing MVPs and creating reliable workloads.

Roles and Work Experience
• Azure Cloud Solutions Engineer 
• Azure Cloud Security Engineer
• Azure Cloud Architect
• Azure DevOps Engineer

• Engineered solutions in Azure Cloud
• Developed ASP.Net C# platform following microservice architectures
• Secured API endpoints using OAuth2, JWT and Entra ID (Azure Active Directory)

Azure Cloud Technical Expertise
Azure Cloud Services
• Azure API Management
• Azure Active Directory (B2C, B2B) – Identity and Security Design
• Azure Security Center, Azure Policies
• Azure Virtual Networks (NSGs), Azure DNS – Networking Infrastructure Design
• Azure Virtual Machines, Azure SQL Server, Azure Websites
• Azure Functions, Azure Resource Groups
• Logic Apps, Application Insights, ASP.NET Core
• Azure Data Storage, Private Endpoints, Azure Private DNS Zones
• RabbitMQ, CI/CD Pipelines in Azure DevOps
Azure Service Bus

Development and Engineering
• Azure DevOps – Infrastructure as Code using ARM templates
Microservice Architecture using ASP.Net C#
• Security implementation for API endpoints with JWT, OAuth2 and Azure Active Directory
• Experience in YML and ARM build pipelines, API-key security, OAuth2, and technical documentation creation