Oh no!? Where in the cloud is my data? More about Azure regions

As an Azure Cloud Architect I speak on a daily basis with colleagues about where to host our cloud solutions. So where are the current Azure regions? Most of the time I point them out to the Azure website with all the available regions.

One of the main concerns is mostly about the data. Where will my data by hosted? Can certain governments access my data? How well is my data protected under the law in certain countries?

And many other concerns decision makers might have. Yet, depending on the respective laws in your country you might use this relevant information. One of my responsibilities is to inform where the Azure data centers are to come to a right decision. In the context of show what you tell: take a closer look at the regions already available. However? Microsoft is scaling up the available regions quickly.

Quite impressive I would say and will become even better!

According to Microsoft:
“Azure is generally available in 34 regions around the world, with plans announced for 6 additional regions”


Microsoft has announced some new regions that will come online soon.
The six newly announced regions are:


  • France Central (Paris)
  • France South (Marseilles)


  • US Gov Arizona (Arizona)
  • US Gov Texas (Texas)


As new kid on the block is Africa. Wow. So far? There has been no region on the African continent. It’s important to have a region in Africa since this continent is considered a strong emerging market, and Microsoft seems to acknowledge this.
The announced regions in Africa are:

  • South Africa West (Cape Town)
  • South Africa North (Johannesburg)

Be safe, whatever your concerns, regulations, law requirements? You can deploy your solution on almost any continent in the world 🙂

Azure Cloud Overview
Azure Cloud Overview

Please check on the Azure website for a complete overview of all Microsoft Azure Regions.

Adric Walter – Senior Consultant | Microsoft Azure Cloud Architect