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My name is Adric Walter. I am the CEO of WALTERIONS and also an Azure Cloud Engineer and Architect, Author, Investor, and Top Consultant in the FinTech Industry. My track record is in the development of Digital Banks, Pension Funds and other FinTech companies.
I’m very passionate about building large scale and scalable online platforms in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. My personal mission is to create all kinds of digital ecosystems.

Azure Cloud Engineer and Azure Cloud Architect

Microsoft Azure Cloud Architect and Microsoft Cloud Engineer with hands-on expertise in Azure Cloud Engineering and leading complex development areas. Highly specialized in systems integration, migration,
lift and shifts and greenfield projects within Microsoft Azure.

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Published Author

Published Author of the book UpTurn 2. A book written together with 7 entrepreneurs. This book is about how personal development and how failures actually lead to our success.

Founder of Curaçao Tech Meetups
I founded and direct Curaçao Tech Meetups, a leading technology conference focused on shaping Curaçao’s future tech and digital ecosystem.

Adric Walter | AdricWalter.COM
Adric Walter
This photo is an expression of my innovative way of thinking.
Taken Janthiel Beach, Curaçao
(So this picture is real. No Photoshop has been used)


I was born and raised on the paradise island of Curaçao. An island with blue, clear aquamarine waters and tropical breezes waving blowing through beautiful, green palm trees and a capital with colorful buildings in the South Caribbean. We have an endless array of sunshine to fuel your heart with endless happiness.

Career and education

My background is in Computer Science with specialization in business software engineering. I started computer programming at the age of 11. The track record and experience is in building online platforms at several banks, insurance companies, pension funds but also doing high profile projects for the Dutch Government.

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